Covid-19 test at VSK

Test at VSK

Now, we are well underway testing our students for Covid-19 at our language centers. After being tested, you will receive the result immediately. The test result is just as valid as the test result from a test centre. Meaning, that you can use the test if you are asked to show a negative test elsewhere. We follow a test schedule:


Monday: 8.30, 12.00, 15.00-17.30

Tuesday: 8.30, 12.00, 15.00-17.30

Wednesday: 8.30, 12.00. 

Thursday: 8.30, 12.00, 15.00-17.30


Monday 8-9, 11.30-12.30, 16-17

Tuesday 8-9, 11.30-12.30, 16-17

Wednesday 8-9,

Thursday 8-9, 11.30-12.30, 16-17


Monday: 10-18

Wednesday: 9-13

Thursday 10-18

We do test our students in the classrooms too. Your teacher can always inform you about when you can get a test. It is still required to have a test result no more than 72 hours old (3 days) to attend physical classes.