Vestegnens Sprogcenter during Corona crisis

VSK has gradually opened for normal classes with physical attendance. As a student you can therefore attend classes, but you must follow your teachers’ instructions.

VSK support the effort to minimize the spread and consequences of COVID-19, so there may be a more restricted access to personal talks with counselors or personal service in the reception.

Precautions towards Corona
Our students and employees safety is paramount for us. Hence VSK takes a lot of precautions based on the recommendations from the Danish Health Authority.

Physical interaction and contacts are minimized, there are restrictions on number of people in all rooms, marking indicating where one can go and where not, access to the bathroom, where to clean and wash your hands. This also implies that all contact and questions are advised to be send by mail or made by phone.

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If you are a student please be aware, that you shoyld not attend classes if you have the slightest symptoms of having covid-19.

You should be free of any symptoms for at least two days, before you attend your classes again. Consult you teacher on how best to follow the classes in that case.

If you travel abroad you should be aware of the guidelines from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The ministry in general discourages foreign travels until the 31st of August with a few exceptions. If you are returning from travel abroad, you should remember to stay home for 14 days after returning from your travel. You may read the Ministrys guidelines on travel here: Travelguidelines

We hope for your understanding and politely request that the instructions are followed. We do apologise for the inconvenience this will cause. Thank you for your help.

Danish exams June and July
Written exams will be held on June 16th through June 18th. Every registered student will receive a personal call letter in e-Boks at the very latest on June 9th 2020.

Oral exams will be held from June 22nd through July 3rd.

Immigration test
We have started the immigration tests (A1 and A2) from monday the 11th of May.

Everyone with an appointment for one of these tests after this date, who is healthy and without symptoms, should meet for the test. We have taken all necessary precautions to ensure a safe execution of the test.

If you have a deadline be aware, that the Immigration Service will take the period, when it was not possible to take tests, into account and the deadline can in each specific case be suspended for the period, when it was not possible to take the test.

Further questions
You can direct further question to VSK at