VSK – The best way to learn Danish

At VSK, you become good at Danish. We make an effort teaching you the language. In our opinion, it is not enough for you to master shopping phrases and be able to ask for directions. We want you to learn the language to a point, where you have the very best chances getting the job you want. You have to speak Danish so well, that living in Denmark is fun.

This is why we offer 12 lessons a week to all our day class students. If you have a job, you can attend evening classes or classes Saturday. If you need flexible and customized Danish lessons, you can learn Danish online.

Soon, you will find yourself absorbed in the language, as we never compromise on quality and take us time. We have study centers at all our language centers. We even publish our own newspaper.

Even though we love our school, we are very aware of the outside world. Internships are part of Danish Education with us. We introduce you to companies and education of your interest. Furthermore, we help you to understand the job market and apply for jobs.

At VSK, Danish is more than a language. It is everything you have in mind. It is a community. It is chilling out in the canteen. It is a way to reach you potential. It is a process, which reveals new options as you get going.

Learn Danish with us – and you will come ahead.


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    Your entitlement

    Any foreigners, who are resident in Denmark and meet the requirements for Danish education for adult foreigners, are entitled to free Danish lessons. The teaching aims to give you an opportunity to learn the language and improve your chances of participating in Danish society and the Danish labour market.

    At VSK we offer Job Market Danish and Danish for Foreigners. We also offer a variety of other courses and FVU (Preparatory Adult Education), which you can find in the Menu.

    The course you start with is entirely determined by your personal preconditions.

    Book an interview

    In order to determine the right course and level for you, you will be invited to an interview with one of our counsellors. Depending on your wishes, your background and a small test of your spoken and written language, the councillor will suggest a course, level and possibly a timeschedule.

    Sign up for an interview, send an e-mail to sprogcenter@brondby.dk or call 43 28 35 00