Deposit for Danish classes (Danish Education)

The Danish language education is free of charge (as per 1st of July 2020), but possibly you will have to pay a deposit, before you can start your education.

Have you received a letter or has one of our councellors informed you, that you should pay a deposit to start your danish classes, you can pay the deposit right below.

Pay deposit here

Guideline in paying deposit. Please not that your find the english version of the guidelines after the danish version.

More about the deposit and how it is refunded

The deposit is a lump sum paid once. The Sprogcenter confirms your payment by a letter enlisting you in a appropiate class.

When you complete your education in danish, your deposit will be refunded within a month, if you have completed each module in the education within the stipulated timeframe.

The deposit may also be refunded when you have completed a module test within the timeframe and do not wish to continue. Please be aware that you yourself will have to request for the refund.

You must use your Danish identification no. (, when paying your deposit; that is the cppr numbre of the student. If does not matter whether your spouse, your family or others are paying the deposit. Your identification number as a student must be used documenting, that it is your deposit. Refunding will similarly be paid back to your “nem-konto” and not to any other account, regardless of whom actually paid the deposit initially.

Please note that by the 1st of July 2020 the deposit is raised to 2.000 DKK. If you have already paid 1,250 DKK as a deposit previously, you will kindly be asked to pay the increase of 750 DKK. At the same time the tuition fee is cancelled.

IMPORTANT: You must have met with one of our councillors before you pay the deposit, to be sure that you should pay a deposit. If you have not met with one of our councillors you must do so first.

Find the councillors openings hours here.