Some General Points about Danish Courses

The Danish courses are free. You will learn the language used at the job market and during education. We teach you a vocabulary you can actually use.

VSK offers 3 Danish language courses – Danish Course 1, Danish Course 2 and Danish Course 3. You only need to complete one of the courses. First, you have an interview with a student counsellor to decide together which Danish course is most appropriate for you.

Each Danish course consists of 5 or 6 modules. You can see a model of the Danish courses here. You complete each module with a module test and you must pass that module test before proceeding to the next module. After the last module, you complete your Danish course with a national exam. The exams take place twice a year: in summer and winter.

The teaching

At VSK teaching is modern and efficient. So, as a student at VSK, you will encounter many different teaching methods and tools, for example:

  • Cooperative learning.
  • Online teaching.
  • The “Sprogcenternet” learning platform, which is used for assignments and communication

All teaching resources are free.

There are classes at different times of the day, and it is almost always possible to find an option to suit you:

  • Morning or afternoon 3 or 4 days a week
  • Evening 2 evenings a week from 5.00 to 7.45 pm
  • The e-Language Centre (flexible online learning)
  • Classes on Saturdays from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm


If you want to start on a Danish education, you may have to to pay a deposit of 2.000 kr. The sum is refunded when you complete your education or you may have it refunded is you have completed your module wihtin the time limit and want to take a break.

Read more about the deposit for the Danish educations HERE

Please note that the rlegislation regarding tuition fee and deposit is about to change by the 1st of July 2020. The tuition fee is expected to be cancelled and the deposit raised to 2.000 DKK, which will be refunded if complete your module within 6 months.

Coupon System

As a Danish education student, you will receive a “klippekort”. There’s a total of 6 coupons (“klip”) for an entire Danish educatoin. The coupons add up to 42 months (3½ years), that must be used within the 5 years of your right to free Danish education. A coupon isn’t put on hold if you take a break in the middle of a module. Vacation and other breaks must be held between modules.

Read more here


We offer language internships in companies as early as module 2 on Danish Courses 2 and 3. You can do your company internship for at least one week, if you want to. The internship is of course voluntary, but we are very keen for people to take up the offer. You learn Danish more quickly when you use the language out in the real world. We find an internship for you.

What we expect of you

We urge you: to attend every class, to participate actively in the classes, to work independently, concentrating on the curriculum for the module, to do homework, to use the Study Centre, the Library and the school’s other facilities, and to practise Danish outside school. We also encourage you to take up the offer of an internship.

Information about requirements and rights etc.

You can find important information about requirements, rights and rules on Here you will also find the ‘Consolidation Act on Danish education for adult foreigners etc.’ on

The school will also provide you with a USB key with a curriculum, test requirements and general information.