Intensive Danish Course for Europeans

Have you been working in Denmark for a number of years, but never had the time to learn Danish?

Would you like to learn Danish quickly, and are you prepared to put in some hard work on the language?

If that is the case, then the Intensive Danish Course for Europeans is probably ideal for you!

The teaching

Intensive Danish for Europeans is an intensive course. You will learn Danish at a fast pace and also learn how to seek, and apply for jobs.

The teaching will concentrate on job market Danish.

The teaching will be based on your linguistic needs, equipping you with linguistic skills to help get you back to work quickly.

The goal is to pass 2 modules in 13 weeks.

You will also be taught how to seek and apply for jobs. The goal is to get you work.


There are 28 lessons a week: 20 Danish lessons and 8 lessons dealing with job hunting.

The main focus is on spoken Danish, but there will also be written assignments.

The moment you are ready for a module test, you will sit that test.

You will learn how to devise an impressive CV, to write applications and to use your network to find a job.


Register for the Intensive Danish Course through your local job centre. Classes start every second Monday in odd weeks. You will be registered for 13 weeks.

The teaching is organised for Europeans.