Ready for Work

Are you absent owing to illness or have you been absent owing to illness and are now on a vocational rehabilitation programme? Are you receiving social security? Do you suffer from pain and need assistance to live a decent life and return to the labour market? Then this course may be perfect for you.

It is a work-oriented course for anyone who is unemployed and needs help to return to the labour market. The course is a combination of Danish teaching, counselling, classes in diet and exercise, help for dealing with pain, and an opportunity to get an internship in a company.


In Ready for Work you learn:

  • Danish you can use at work
  • About the Danish labour market
  • How to write your CV and post it on Jobnet
  • About regulations and laws governing the labour market. What can you do? What do you need to do?
  • About finances. What assistance is available to you, and how can you organise your finances?
  • About lifestyle and diet
  • About pain management

You also get…

  • Exercise and movement with a physiotherapist
  • Company internship programme
  • Company visits
  • Individual counselling and identification of your professional competencies

You start your course with an individual interview with your new teacher. Together you find out in what areas you need to improve.

Together with your teacher and caseworker, you decide when you will attend classes. You must attend classes at least 3 times a week – we organise the number of hours a week to suit your needs. Classes are always in the morning.

We constantly admit new students, so you can start the course whenever it suits you. You will be enrolled in the course via your job centre.

Download the brochure here (in Danish)

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