Language and Jobs

Are you unemployed and receiving unemployment benefit, social security or educational assistance, and do you need to learn more Danish to help you find a job? Then this course might be just for you.


The goal of Language and Jobs is to help find you a job and improve your Danish.

The course involves Danish teaching that is particularly targeted at the labour market. During the course, you will do an internship in a company, and we will help you apply for a job or a wage-subsidised job.


On Language and Jobs you will learn:

  • Danish you can use at work
  • How to write a CV
  • The best way to look for work, and where
  • What to say at a job interview
  • About regulations and laws and the Danish labour market. What do you need to do? What must you do?
  • About job culture in Danish workplaces

You will also receive:

  • Individual guidance from our counsellors and employment consultants
  • Help finding an internship or wage-subsidised job


The course comprises 200 hours. For the first part of the course, you attend school 25 hours a week. In the last part of the course you are in an internship or a wage-subsidised job, so you have 6 hours of Danish classes a week.


We provide a mentor scheme, if you need Danish language support in the company.


You can register for Language and Jobs at your job centre.


Download the brochure here (in Danish)

Du kan også få sendt en brochure. Bestil den here