Train your danish with a language partner

In order to learn a language perfect you need to use it. You learn faster the more you practice. By talking to Danes you improve your language as well as learning about Denmark and Danish culture.

But how do you find someone to talk to?

At Vestegnens Sprog- & Kompetencecenter you may choose
• To use the service Swap Language
• To talk to language volunteer at the centre
• To get language partner

Swap Language

Vestegnens Sprog- & Kompetencecenter is cooperating with Swap Language.

Swap Language is a free service, which helps you to find someone in your neighbourhood, with whom you can train your language skills. The idea is that you want to improve Danish and the Dane wants to improve your native language.

An example of a language match:
An Italian wants to learn or improve his or hers Danish and stays in Copenhagen and a Dane in Copenhagen wants to improve his or hers Italian. They link up on Swap Language and meet where and when they choose.

Find your language partner at

You sign in on the homepage and tell what language you speak yourselves and what language you want to learn a well as where you stay.

Language volunteers at the centre

You may also make use of the volunteers that come to the Studio Centre every day to talk to someone who wants to improve their Danish.

You may talk of anything you want and besides improving your Danish you may also learn more about Denmark and Danish culture. They are also willing to help you with any specific question you may have.

You may meet one of the volunteers from 10:00 AM at the Studio Centre at VSK Glostrup or VSK Amager. Please contact the Studio center for more information:

• VSK Glostrup: Helle Eble Cleary
• VSK Amager Azar Mehrabi

Get a language partner

If you want to get to know an elder Dane and train your Danish you may get a language partner. The language partner is typically an elder Dane of 60 years or more.

You may meet at the elders place or any other place or any other place as often and for as long as you may agree on. You have to be able to speak a little Danish and you will have the opportunity to improve your Danish and at the same time learn more about Danish culture etc. After three month you can get a statement for you curriculum vitae

If you want to get a language partner contact Camilla Westerback at 2310 5880 or mail