Active Citizenship Exam (Medborgerskabsprøven)

You can now sign up for “Medborgerskabsprøven” held June 2, 2021 at 10 AM.

The registration deadline is April 28, 2021.

Sign up here

If you want to apply for permanent residence (opholdstilladelse), you need to pass the Active Citizenship Exam (Medborgerskabsprøve). The exam consists of 25 written questions (multiple choice), 20 of which you must answer correctly in order to pass. The exam takes 30 minutes.

The exam is held twice a year: in June and December. “Medborgerskabsprøven” is held next time

To prepare for the exam, you can download the material on (”Læremateriale til medborgerskabsprøven – demokrati og hverdagsliv i Danmark”). You can also download the material as an audio file on the same site.

See registration deadlines, exam dates and price on

The exam is held at Skolevej 6 or close by. We will let you know about time and venue.