Deposit – Additional payment: 750 DKK

750,00 DKK

If you have been requested to pay an additional 750 DKK as a raise of the deposit, you can do so here. You must write your Danish identification number (CPR-number), when paying your deposit, not the identification number of the payer. Refunding will usually be paid to the payers account.

Guidelines on paying the deposit. You find the English version below the Danish.


By paying the extra 750 DKK your total deposit paid is 2.000 DKK, which is the requested total deposit after 1st of July 2020.

The deposit is a lump sum paid once. The language school confirms your payment by letter, enlisting you in an appropriate class.

You will have the deposit refunded, when you have completed your Danish Language Course. The refund takes place within month after the completion of the Danish Language Course.

You can read more about the deposit here

If you have any questions please contact the language school.