Danish at Work – Vestegnens Sprog- & Kompetencecenter

Targeted Danish Education for Company Employees

VSK has many years’ experience of targeted Danish classes in companies

In collaboration with you and your immediate superior, we design a course that matches the needs both of the company and you as an employee.

The objective of the course is for you to improve, both in writing and orally, your communication in Danish with your immediate superior and your colleagues. The teaching is based on the Danish that is used in your workplace.


On the course, you will learn:

  • Danish jargon, which you can use at work
  • To give, receive, and read messages
  • To understand information from the workplace (e.g. internal communication)
  • To understand manuals, instructions, fire regulations etc.
  • To understand recipes, shopping lists and order lists
  • To understand forms, payslips, staff development interview forms, workplace risk assessment forms and inspection forms
  • About culture in the workplace
  • And lots more…

When, how long, how?

  • You can usually start on a course within a few weeks.
  • Your course is flexible: your lessons can take place when it suits both you and your workplace, and they can take place either at the school or at your workplace.
  • The duration depends on how your individual course is devised.

Chris Kuylenstierna
Tel: (+45) 43283528
email: cku@brondby.dk

Download the brochure here (in Danish).

We can also send you a copy of the brochure. Order it here.

Vestegnens Sprogcenter holder lukket d. 27. april 2018, på grund af St. Bededag
I tilfælde af konflikt: Hvis der udbryder konflikt med strejke og lockout vil det meste af VSKs undervisning blive aflyst. Enkelte hold vil dog fortsætte. Hvilke hold der forsat har undervisning under konflikten er ikke afklaret endeligt endnu. Så snart vi ved hvilke hold der fortsætter i tilfælde af konflikt vil det fremgå her. Alle kursister bliver informeret personligt, hvis der udbryder konflikt.