Danish Course 3 – Vestegnens Sprog- & Kompetencecenter

Danish Course 3

This course is for anyone who has attended school/college for more than 10 years in his/her home country.
The teaching consists of 6 modules, and you end Module 5 with the Danish 3 exam, which provides you with access to qualifying courses, training programmes and the Danish labour market.

  • The goal is for you to learn Danish at a level high enough to equip you to proceed with an education or to cope well in the Danish labour market, and live a life as an active citizen in Denmark.
  • The priority is learning to discuss, argue, read and write.
  • The course will also teach you about Danish culture and Danish society.
  • The teaching is fast-paced and effective, and we expect you to participate actively and do homework.

Vestegnens Sprogcenter holder lukket d. 27. april 2018, på grund af St. Bededag
I tilfælde af konflikt: Hvis der udbryder konflikt med strejke og lockout vil det meste af VSKs undervisning blive aflyst. Enkelte hold vil dog fortsætte. Hvilke hold der forsat har undervisning under konflikten er ikke afklaret endeligt endnu. Så snart vi ved hvilke hold der fortsætter i tilfælde af konflikt vil det fremgå her. Alle kursister bliver informeret personligt, hvis der udbryder konflikt.