FVU – Danish as first language – Vestegnens Sprog- & Kompetencecenter

FVU for students whose first language is Danish

FVU – Preparatory Adult Education – consists of FREE courses in Danish and mathematics for adults

FVU is for people who, for example:

  • need mathematics in order to be admitted into a course
  • need to improve at reading and writing in order to get a job
  • are on a course and want to improve at reading texts and writing assignments
  • would like to help their children with their homework
  • would like to learn or improve at arithmetic and mathematics

You have the option of finishing the course with an exam. If you pass FVU Danish Level 4 and FVU Mathematics Level 2, this is the equivalent of the state school 9th or 10th form school-leaving exam, thereby giving you access to vocational education courses.


If you start FVU at VSK, you will be placed in a class based on your background and existing skills. You can choose to take FVU Danish or FVU Mathematics – or both.

On the FVU Danish course we work on reading and writing skills, including:

  • Spelling rules, grammar and vocabulary
  • Texts from everyday life – preferably texts that you choose
  • Current news from newspapers and TV

On the FVU Mathematics course we work on numeracy, including:

  • Figures and mathematical concepts from everyday life
  • Assignments involving text, numbers and figures
  • Payslips, electricity bills, recipes and online banking

Time and place

You have the option of 12, 16 or 20 Danish lessons and 4 maths lessons a week. Lessons take place at our Glostrup branch. A course lasts 8 weeks. You can take several courses, if you need to. We start a new class every fortnight.


Before you begin, you have to attend a screening, where we discover what class you should start in. An FVU screening consists of five tasks in Danish reading/writing and one in mathematics. The screening is not an examination, but a study of how much or how little can read, write and count. In other words, you cannot fail. You get a chance to learn about your capabilities. The screening lasts about 3 hours with breaks. We provide coffee and tea, and you are of course welcome to ask questions along the way. Only you and maybe your caseworker will learn about the result.

You can be referred to the course by your caseworker, if you are unemployed and have a job plan.