FVU – Danish as second language – Vestegnens Sprog- & Kompetencecenter

FVU for students with Danish as a second language

FVU – Preparatory Adult Education – consists of FREE courses in Danish and mathematics for adults with Danish as a second language.

FVU is for people who, for example:

  • have finished language school and want to improve their Danish reading and writing skills
  • are attending language school and would like more lessons in reading and writing, and have good spoken Danish
  • have lived in Denmark for many years and would like more lessons in reading and writing
  • need mathematics in order to be admitted into a course
  • need to improve at reading and writing in order to get a job
  • would like to help their children with their homework
  • would like to learn or improve at arithmetic and mathematics

You have the option of finishing the course with an exam. If you pass FVU Danish Level 4 and FVU Mathematics Level 2, this is the equivalent of the state school 9th or 10th form school-leaving exam, thereby giving you access to vocational education courses.


If you start FVU at VSK, you will be placed in a class based on your background and existing skills. You can choose to study Danish or Mathematics – or both.

On the FVU Danish course we work on reading and writing skills, including:

  • Spelling rules, grammar and vocabulary
  • Texts from everyday life – preferably texts that you choose
  • Current news from newspapers and TV

On the FVU Mathematics course we work on numeracy, including:

  • Figures and mathematical concepts from everyday life
  • Assignments involving text, numbers and figures
  • Payslips, electricity bills, recipes and online banking

Time and place

You have the option of 12, 16 or 20 Danish lessons and 4 maths lessons a week. Lessons take place at our Glostrup branch. A course lasts 8 weeks. You can take several courses, if you need to. We start a new class every fortnight.


Before you begin, you have to attend a screening, where we discover what class you should start in.

You can be referred to the course by your caseworker, if you are unemployed and have a job plan.